Our IQ Service allows companies to benchmark their corporate websites against good practice and their peers across the world.

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The most comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of websites available

We cover nearly 200 criteria and score the major world indices twice a year. These criteria are sorted into 12 categories, providing insight into key stakeholder areas such as investor relations, media, CSR and careers as well as broader content and experience issues like corporate governance and social media.

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Our complimentary IQ benchmarking summary provides our clients with a short analysis of their website and those of their peers every six months.

We also use IQ as the basis for consulting projects and to create the more detailed IQ Benchmarking Report, which contains full peer reviews and recommendations on how sites can be improved.

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Our dedicated team of analysts are constantly reviewing hundreds of websites across the world, providing a year-round assessment of corporate websites and broader market developments.

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