15 Oct 2010

Investis IQ Corporate Website Ranking Q3 2010 - user experience driving change in websites

Investis’ ranking of nearly 700 corporate websites in the third quarter of 2010 shows the average score of European corporate websites to have grown modestly by just under 1%. However, this is almost entirely due to Investis now covering the French CAC40, which scores surprisingly lowly for such a major index*. When the CAC40 is discounted, the average score of European corporate websites shows a stronger increase of 2.35%. The DAX30 showed the most growth overall, up by 3%.

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23 Jul 2010

Investis IQ Corporate Website Ranking Q2 2010 – big increase in website redesigns but only modest gains in quality

Investis' ranking of corporate websites in the FTSE250, Germany's MDAX, Austria's ATX20 and Switzerland's SMI20 indices reveals that 9% of companies we covered launched redesigned websites over the last quarter. This is the biggest rate we have seen since we began tracking corporate websites in July 2008 (by way of comparison, only 4.4% of companies redesigned their websites in this quarter last year). If this rate continues across other indices, some 36% of companies will redesign their websites over the course of the year – meaning that corporate websites have a current 'shelf-life' of less than three years.

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08 Apr 2010

Britvic wins award for Best Investor Communications

Investis are delighted to congratulate Britvic for winning the Best Investor Communications award at the PLC Awards recently. The PLC Awards recognise excellence in the mid-market sector. You can find more information about the PLC Awards by following this link: http://www.plc-awards.co.uk/winn.php.

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25 Mar 2010

Investis’ new online reports now live

25th March, 2010 - Investis, Europe’s leading provider of online corporate communications services, has kicked off its busiest ever online reporting season with the launch of the RWE AG online annual report
(at http://rwecom-online-report-2009.production.investis.com) and the Ladbrokes ‘Express’ online annual report
(at http://www.annualreport-2009.ladbrokesplc.com/).

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28 Jan 2010

Investis IQ Corporate Website Ranking Q4 2009 – websites still improving, but more slowly

Investis’ ranking of more than 650 corporate websites in the fourth quarter of 2009 shows the average score of European corporate websites continuing to improve – up 1% - although at a slower rate than in previous quarters. Consequently 2009 saw an average improvement of 11% over the course of the year – an impressive change in the context of the economic backdrop and the challenges faced by communicators during this unsettled period. The improvements were broadly-based across the companies and indices we follow, driven by a greater level of transparency and disclosure of corporate information and a steady improvement in CSR communications during the year. Our research shows that only about 10% of companies rebuilt their websites during 2009, less than half the long-term average.

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