10 Oct 2012

Investis IQ Corporate Website Rankings Q3 2012 – More companies than ever integrate social media into corporate sites

The results of the Investis IQ Ranking of corporate websites for Q3 2012 show the largest overall rise in the rankings for companies since we started releasing our IQ research 4 years ago, with companies scored this quarter rising by an average of 4%.

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01 Oct 2012

Investis announces acquisition and change of ownership

Today, Investis announced that the company’s management has been backed by Gresham Private Equity in a £25m buyout from its existing shareholders. In addition, Investis announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Morningstar Investor Relations Services, formerly Hemscott IR.

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05 Sep 2012

StockTwits and Investis are now in partnership

Investis is pleased to announce its partnership with StockTwits in Europe.

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04 Jul 2012

Investis IQ Corporate Website Ranking Q2 2012 - the UK indices move in on the DAX

FTSE350 companies have closed the gap on the DAX and MDAX as all the indices see a fall in their scores.

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02 Apr 2012

Investis IQ Corporate Website Ranking Q1 2012 - Social Media shakes up Investis website rankings

The most substantial review of criteria and weightings since its launch in 2009 has led to some big changes to the Investis IQ Ranking of corporate websites in the first quarter of 2012.

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13 Feb 2012

New Survey Reveals Lack of Mobile Readiness on FTSE100 Websites

A new report by Magus and Investis, entitled “How mobile-ready is the FTSE 100?” provides crucial insight into how FTSE100 companies are responding to the rapid growth of the mobile web – and where the opportunities lie.

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23 Jan 2012

Investis IQ Corporate Website Ranking Q4 2011 – Companies investing once more in their digital corporate communications

Investis’ ranking of corporate websites in the fourth quarter of 2011 shows the average score to have grown by 2.7%. This follows Q3’s modest rise of 1.7% suggesting, after a period of negative growth, that things are on the up once again.

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