Start with an audit.

Investis frequently helps clients manage their social media communications – and we generally recommend that you start with an audit.

We suggest three areas for auditing:

  • Your existing social media presence
  • The current level and tone of buzz about your company on social media
  • Your internal policies for employees and authorised communications professionals

At Investis, we offer a range of solutions to fit every situation and every budget. It’s a jungle out there, but armed with this information, you’ll have the knowledge you need to formulate the social media strategy that best suits your company.

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Presence Audit

Have accounts already been set up on your behalf?

We analyse and audit your current social media presence to see how many accounts have already been set up in your name and to gauge how well they are performing.

And we can benchmark what you’re doing against any number of your competitors and peers.

We’ll provide expert advice and examples of good practice techniques and approaches.

We’ll check to see if your website is up-to-speed with the latest social media requirements. And we’ll always deliver recommendations of what you should do next, based on your current presence, resources and communications goals.

Buzz Audit

A one-off monitoring audit of all the buzz about your company on social media.

We can monitor everything that has been said about you over the past few months – so that you can find out just who the most influential bloggers and tweeters are.

We’ll tell you where they come from, the sorts of things they’re talking about, what networks they prefer to use and how often your company comes up for discussion.

Once you know this, you’ll be in a position to know exactly how much (or how little) on-going monitoring you really need to do.

Social Media Policy Review

Just how should your organisation and your employees be using social media?

We can review and overhaul your internal guidelines to help you define the best social media policies for your company. We’ll give your employees clear guidelines as to how and when they should engage on social media – both personally and when representing your company.

Your communications department will need to sit at the centre of a complex web, guiding and advising multiple departments who may all need to engage on their own behalf.

We can also look at your crisis plans to make sure they take account of the latest developments in social media.

Beyond this, we can advise you on how to create your overarching social media strategy – so that as a company you have a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve and why.