Over 1,700 public companies choose us to help them manage their digital corporate and IR communications.

  • The best technology for digital corporate and IR comms

    Investis is a technology company as much as we are experts in digital communications or client service.

    Our team of 50 full time-technologists represent an investment far ahead of our competitors.

    We’re also ISO 27001 accredited – so as far as the security of your data is concerned, you can rest easy.

    We offer our clients the best digital communications technology, today and for the future.

  • Our Platform – IP3

    We offer our clients a Content Management System that has been engineered for corporate and IR communications, together with secure, dual-location hosting.

    It’s fast and reliable (with an uptime of 99.98%) and it gives you access to our huge range of widgets and website tools – but it’s totally flexible when it comes to design.

    You can update your site yourself using our intuitive, simple editing tools, or use our updating service.

    IP3 is hosted on a dual infrastructure with full redundancy across two separate hosting locations and automatic load balancing to ensure fast page response speeds.

  • myInvestis

    Imagine a world where you can control your multichannel digital presence from one simple workflow and dashboard.

    • Multichannel publishing: Publish updates simultaneously to your website and other digital channels, such as apps and social media. Our workflow includes sophisticated QA tools and is built around a highly intuitive user interface.
    • Monitoring: Discover how much you are being discussed on social networks, forums and blogs, keeping you one step ahead.
    • Benchmarking: Our data will tell you how your peers are doing and what good practice suggests you should be doing too.
    • Analytics: Find out at a glance how people are using your website, your mobile sites and your apps both historically and in real time.

    Contact us to find out more.

  • Apps and social media

    We’re at the forefront of rolling out the use of iPad, iPhone and Android apps and social media for investor relations and corporate communications.

    Our proprietary technologies and large development team make it possible for us to innovate and keep you ahead of the curve.

    We’ve recently created the first iPad-compatible webcasting player; added social media capabilities to all of our widgets; and launched a variety of new corporate and investor-focused iPad and iPhone Apps.

  • Product development

    Our 30-strong product development team is constantly creating new digital communications products and services.

    You’ll get your message across better, using more channels whilst saving time and money through greater automation, shorter build times and easier administration.

    Recently we’ve pioneered the use of apps for IR and corporate communications; upgraded many tools to work in HTML5 and to be social media compatible; enhanced our visualisation tools, maps and charts; and launched our single-source web publishing tool.

    Each widget is a standalone dot net application.

    We now have over 100 reusable widgets that make it easier to build and maintain corporate and IR sites for public companies.

Creative, effective digital corporate and IR communications

Being creative isn’t just about making your corporate site or your IR app look fantastic.

To be successful, these channels must be used to enhance your corporate story.

For us, creativity requires brilliant design, innovative technology and inspiring content.

And that goes for your corporate website, your mobile presence, your social media accounts, your videos and your webcasts.

We’re experts at what we do

Regulation, best practice, technology...

In a fast-changing world it pays to have a specialist on board and digital corporate and IR communications is the only thing that we do.

Our knowledge and expertise means that we understand the demands of the digital world better than anyone else.

  • Our service never stops

    Your digital presence needs to be maintained on a daily basis: websites need fresh content; apps need updating; and social media needs constant monitoring.

    We provide regular health checks and upgrades so that all your digital communications continue to meet your needs and reflect your business.

    We’re proud to state that our post-launch service is second to none.

  • Regular health checks and advice

    We want your digital communications to stay both fresh and focused – so that you continue to meet all of your communications objectives.

    We’ll hold regular consultations with your team as needed to discuss your ambitions for the site and to make our own recommendations.

  • Situation management

    We’ll be there for intense, fast-moving events such as acquisitions or – if and when they happen – one-off crises.

    We’ll work with you to plan and deliver your digital communications as you need them.

    We understand the need for absolute secrecy and the ability to react almost instantly. For sensitive or high-profile situations we can create dark sites that can be turned on at a moment’s notice – and we can help you with every aspect of your social media response.

  • Day-to-day maintenance

    You might want to publish your own channel updates through our easy-to-use interface, or you might need us to do your maintenance for you.

    We guarantee to respond to your requests within 15 minutes, 7 to 7, every working day.

    Whatever you choose – or even if you want to mix-and-match, we’re always there for you.

  • Planning for events

    Let us help take the strain before and during your key communications events.

    From planning your RNS announcements at 7am to the live webcast of your results presentation at 10 (complete with social media monitoring), every activity will be planned well in advance.

    And of course all the required resources will be lined up to deal with it.

    So, as far as humanly possible, you’ll be able to rest easy.

  • Benchmarking

    Our bespoke benchmarking service allows you to compare your digital presence against your peers.

    Our scope and scale mean that we are in an unrivalled position to offer regular thought leadership, share our knowledge of best practice and provide you with expert advice.

We’re committed to providing great value for money

Digital corporate and IR communications is all that we do - and we’ve invested a lot into doing it bigger and better than anyone else.

Our focus and scale results in huge savings for all of our clients, resulting in a rich and engaging digital experience that doesn’t cost the earth.

We know you care about value.

We do too.

Just contact us for a quote.